Some Highlights & Events

The 84th session of the INTERPOL General Assembly held in Kigali, Rwanda, from 2 to 5 November 2015.

The General Assembly is composed of delegates appointed by the governments of member countries. As INTERPOL's supreme governing body, it meets once a year and takes all the major decisions affecting general policy, the resources needed for international cooperation, working methods, finances and programmes of activities.

- Symposia Consult provided Simultaneous Interpretation Systems for 1,200 delegates


TRANSFORM AFRICA SUMMIT 2015 ''Accelerating Digital Innovation'', October 19-21st, 2015.


- Symposia Consult provided Simultaneous InterpretationServices for 2,500 delegates, Protocol and MCs

TRANSFORM AFRICA SUMMIT 2013, October 28-31st, 2013, Kigali - Rwanda.

- Symposia Consult provided Simultaneous Interpretation Systems for 1,200 delegates

- Functions performed:

- Media Coverage
- Entertainment
- Protocol Services
- Secretariat services (high capacity printer machine, heavy duty photocopier machine, projectors,…)
- Decoration
- simultaneous interpretation & translation services
- Rapporteur services
- Advertising
- Registration
- Design, production and printing Promotional Materials pens, street banners, pull up banners, street banners,…)

Events & Meetings in 2011.

- African Capacity Building Foundation 20th Anniversary, 600 participants.


-6th Africa Prosecutors Association Conference and Annual General Meeting, 250 participants.


-19th Pan African Legal Union Conference, 150 participants.